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More and more educators are discovering the value of bringing the vast resources of the Internet and information from the school network to every student. But with today's tight budgets, it's simply too costly and impractical to lease lines for every learning location and lay cable to every classroom.

That's where wireless comes in. Broadband wireless technology makes it possible to deliver high-bandwidth connectivity to school buildings, within a campus, or even district-wide - quickly, easily, and at a much lower cost than with fiber and leased lines.

Industry-standard Wi-Fi networks bring Internet connectivity into every classroom, or to virtually anywhere else on campus, without the expense and difficulty of wiring to every desk. Find out how - today - in your FREE copy of The K-12 Educator's Guide to Wireless Networking - brought to you by the wireless networking experts at Proxim.

Discover flexible connectivity that costs a lot less than wired network solutions.

Your free guide includes instructive wireless application scenarios specifically created for educators. Learn how a broadband wireless connection can increase your network capacity - and how a wireless LAN can bring your computer lab to wherever it's needed - inside or outside of the classroom.

Your free Guide also includes a pair of instructive, real-world case studies. Inside, you'll learn how schools are already using secure wireless connectivity to enable Internet and network-enhanced learning across the campus - leveraging existing investments in both PCs and Macs.

Find out how you can:
  • Get students and faculty online quickly, without having to wire every classroom
  • Quickly provide broadband connectivity to every school building district-wide, even portable classrooms
  • Significantly shrink long-term networking costs - while more quickly responding to changing educational needs - by minimizing the need for costly wired networks
  • Enhance student and faculty security by connecting critical video surveillance equipment through wireless technology
  • Easily meet regulatory or strategic mandates on Internet connectivity, wireless communication, and campus security
  • And more!

Make the world your classroom.

Enhance the educational experience by bringing Internet and network connectivity to students and faculty wherever they are on campus. Request your free copy of The K-12 Educator's Guide to Wireless Networking today.


Lynn Lucas
Director of Education Solutions

P.S. The latest wireless technology can help you better prepare your students for the future. Get all the facts. Download your FREE guide today!

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  Overcome cost and installation challenges of wired networks
  Increase network capacity to support content-rich applications such as distance learning and video surveillance
  Instantly provide Internet and network connections to every student without wiring every classroom
  Enable schools and faculty to share resources district-wide while cutting monthly leased line costs
  Enhance student and faculty safety
  And more!

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