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The Rittika Story

There is something wildly inspirational in an artistís story, in the meaning behind an art piece, in travel to other countries. From this inspiration came Rittika.

The concept for Rittika began to take root when one of the companyís founders found herself surrounded by an interesting phenomenon. In the midst of an economic downturn, massive unemployment and war, everyone around her, it seemed, had turned to his or her creative side. Full-time professionals were going back to school for their masters in fine arts, others made jewelry at home in their spare time. She, herself had embarked on her own creative journey and had taken up painting and writing. What was this about?

Through reading, observing and talking with people everywhere, she discovered that, despite what many of us are taught when we are young, we are all highly creative beings with an inherent need to express our creativity in our own unique way. Conventional talent has nothing to do with it. Sometimes all weíre lacking is some learned skills to help our ideas take flight. Always, we need a deep inspiration, which can often come from other peopleís art, countries or stories.

Whether youíre selecting a piece of jewelry to buy or making a pair of earrings yourself, Rittika aims to inspire and encourage creative expression, the universal language connecting people from all parts of the world. We work with craft artists from around the globe to offer you a varied selection of original handmade pieces. We support an emerging artist community by posting photography and writing by new photographers and writers. And we encourage you to explore your own creative side a little more deeply, if you havenít already, by providing a resource for classes and workshops.

Rittika is a dynamic, interactive community which is constantly evolving. Your contributions and suggestions are always highly appreciated and welcome.

About the Founders

Rittika is co-owned by Rita and Jaime Farin, a brother and sister team with lifetimes of diverse experience between them. Jaime Farin has over 25 years of retail and wholesale experience, exporting consumer electronics to South America. He began his second career in special education seven years ago, teaching high school students in North Miami Beach, Florida. Jaime is also co-owner of e-commerce businesses, offersdepot.com and jmftrading.com.

Rita Farin has over 15 years of high-tech marketing communications experience, creating global brands and communications programs for corporations in the US and Israel. Her work over the years has included the development and management of many corporate web sites and initiatives. Rita is the owner of Calico Communications, an international marketing communications consultancy founded in 1998.

Both Jaime and Rita are emerging writers.

About the Rittika Web Site

The Rittika web site would not be possible without the valiant efforts and talent of a wonderful creative team:

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