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Peridot and Roman Glass Necklace


Ancient mouth-blown glass fragments are the centerpiece for each of Alice and Brian Bergner’s spectacular jewelry designs. The designers live in Caesarea, a modern-day Israeli town built over the ancient site of the historic Roman city built 2000 years ago by King Herod. Caesarea’s surrounding port and ruins are still being excavated today, giving the Bergners the source and inspiration for their art. An exquisite reminder of a great era, each shard is chosen for its natural opalescent patina and shape. To create each piece, the Bergner’s set the untreated glass in sterling silver and adorn it with semi-precious stones and pearls.

Standing out from the usual blues found in the Roman ruins, this olive green-colored Roman glass with an unusual patina pattern is truly unique. Its teardrop shape is accentuated by the modern silver setting. Teardrop peridot stones and tiny silver spheres are cleverly positioned between the rounder peridot stones to create an interesting arrangement. Pendant is signed by the artist.

• Necklace measures 15”
• Round toggle clasp decorated with one small heart at each end
• Pendant measures 1 1/8” x 1 13/16”



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