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Flying motion creative

What could your company accomplish if your creative types were more productive and your productive types were more creative? Flying Motion Creative (formerly Calico Communications) partners with companies large and small to help them think way beyond the usual marketing programs. We’ve got 20 years of experience in marketing, but we’re also certified creativity experts.
  Our innovation, communications and marketing solutions ensure that everyone across the enterprise thinks creatively, communications programs deliver the right messages to your customers and sales teams receive the marketing tools they need to close more sales.

when creativity means


Flying Motion's marketing and innovation expertise will help your organization:

  • Increase revenue through strengthened brands and more qualified leads
  • Improve synergies between marketing and sales teams
  • Create smart marketing programs and tools that truly facilitate sales
  • Improve problem-solving versatility and flexibility
  • Implement marketing plans that increase efficiency and cut costs
  • Provide additional expertise and support to expedite project completion


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