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Project KARMA


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Project KARMA

Project KARMA Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps young people process loss and provides alternatives to gang involvement.


flying motion Solutions

  • Transforming the founder’s vision into a working mission for the organization, ensuring planning and activities focused in one clear direction
  • Conducted individual interviews and designed a five-hour retreat to address the issues holding the organization back
  • Motivating the board of directors to own the mission and proactively engage in activities that would grow the organization
  • Customized group coaching session facilitated communication between board members and introduced tools to overcome future blocks
  • Revisiting roles and expectations and increasing clarity of purpose
  • Capabilities session clarified the organization’s activities and goals and opened a new dialogue between board members and the executive director
  • Reconnecting board members as a team, as well as with the executive director
  • Team-building exercises, including improvisation, brainstorming and collaging, enabled the group to create a working plan and take ownership of the organization’s mission
  • Resulted in 100% increase in productivity within the first week after the retreat


"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU- I am so happy with my decision to think outside the box on this part of the grant.  My grant supervisor was very excited about what we were able to do in our retreat. I am putting you on their vendor list for next year. I think this was MOST helpful, and I already see so much change in the culture. I absolutely have in mind to have you back for a tune-up when we raise more funds. I have even included your services in a grant I recently submitted."Alesia Alexander Layne, Executive Director, Project KARMA



Team-building exercises

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